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Paper tape

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Adhesive led strip

Led strips with extra-high adhesive; it adheres strongly to any surface. It is a suitable product for indoor and outdoor use. Available in single or RGB colors.

They are assembled in parallel sets of 3 leds, so directly to 12VDC. Its consumption is between 200 and 600 mA per meter, depending on the lengths and strip models used.

The strips for interior use could be cut every 5 cm the simple color and 10 cm RGB. It is not recommended to use outdoor without first applying a sealant into the cut area.

Double sided carpet tape

Removable double-sided resistant tape

PET high temperature resistant tape 4965

Greenhouses sealing tape

Duct tape for assembly

Paper tape

Plastic with tape

Gaffer tape

Acrylic foam VHB

Krafft paper tape Ref. 6020