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Reference 3101. Waterproof cloth support, cotton with polyethylene or PVC. Ease use. Provides a high degree of impermeability, a very high adhesion and high comfort. The versatility of the product allows its use in different applications. Available in any length and width. Wide range of colors.

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Scapa 3101 - Waterproof Cloth Tape

Scapa 3101 is a premium performance, strong, waterproof cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.
Scapa 3101 is available in a full range of colours including black, white, silver, grey, red, yellow, blue, green and brown.

  • Heavy duty and export packaging
  • Sealing, protecting and strengthening general purpose applications
  • Carpet jointing
  • Book and spine binding
  • Colour coding and identification
  • Joining and splicing applications
  • Ideal for technical or demanding applications

  • Excellent waterproof properties
  • Very strong and robust
  • Flexible and highly conformable
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Easy unwind
  • Can be written on
  • Easy tear
  • Low sulphur and halogen content
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Can be supplied to DEF STAN 81/25-3 on specific request
  • Service Temperature of 0 to +60 C


  Units Nominal Value Test Method
Thickness mm 0.3 Internal
Tensile Strength N/cm 78.5 IEC 454-2
Adhesion to Steel N/cm 4.4 IEC 454-2
Adhesion to Backing N/cm 3.0 IEC 454-2

  • Roll Length: 25m, 50m
  • Roll Width: 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
  • Core: Cardboard
  • Packaging: Scapa branded, bulk packed using interleaving sheets between layers.

Note: Information on stock items, non-standard sizes, and lead times is available on request

RECOMMENDATIONS The rolls should be stored flat on their cut edges in the original packaging, until required for use. The product must be protected from dust, heat, moisture, direct sunlight and solvent fumes. Service life will vary with conditions of use and is affected by climatic environment, but should not be less than two years from date of manufacture, if stored in a moderate climate and good conditions. Usage is recommended within one year.



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