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PVC bicolor tapes
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Film fiberfilm (automatic or manual)

Stretch film to palletize, for manual or machine without pre-stretch or robot type. 500 mm width, from the beginning to end.

Fiber reinforced polyethylene. Easy to find the beginning, smooth and controlled stretched. Traction and shear by accidental fall resistant. Very manageable, less weight.

Allows an excellent application. Reduce time to palletizing, because less wraps are needed. Provides high stability to pallet.

Generates less waste, environmentally friendly.



Double sided tapes for general use

EPR self amalgamating

Polyurethane tapes

Polyethylene tapes

Cloth tapes

Reinforced tape

Washi Paper - masking 180

Blue Sky masking 150 -

Acrylic foam VHB

Plastic cloth tapes


Reversible tape

Polyamide tape (Kapton)