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EPR self amalgamating

It has very high resistance to tear, because when layers are rolled they vulcanize to form a very homogeneous mass. Optimal resistance to atmospheric agents and high resistance to water immersion.

Among the most common applications are: repair electric wire cover, reconstitution of the insulating layer of synthetic cables, splicing of the wiring, fixing insulation, moisture and corrosion protection in telephony, the installation of antennas, etc. It seals with absolute reliability of pipe line leaks.

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Scapa 2517 is an insulating, self-amalgamating tape based on EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber). Its colour is black.

  • For jointing and repairing a wide range of solid dielectric power cables up to 69 kV.
  • For insulation, waterproofing and protection of electrical components.
  • Excellent physical and electrical properties with a high degree of stability under conditions of use.
  • The tape amalgamates rapidly when applied under tension to provide a void-free homogeneous wrapping, without the need for external heat or pressure.
  • Compatible with a wide range of rubber and plastic dielectric cable insulation. These include polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene, ethylene propylene rubber, PVC, butyl and neoprene.
  • Excellent resistance to water and ozone.
  • The tape will remove cleanly when cut, allowing it to be used as temporary insulation or protection.
  • Service temperature -40 to +100C.
  • Supplied in an easy to handle and apply tape form. The product is interleaved with a disposable plastic liner.

  Unit Nominal Value Test Method
Thickness mm 0,75  
Tensile Strength MPa 3 BS 903
Elongation at Break % 900 BS 903
Volume Resistivity Ohm.m 1 x 10^13 ASTM D257
Dielectric Loss Angle - 0.005 ASTM D150
Dielectric Strength kV/mm 42 ASTM D149

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