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Repulpable tapes

Non-Woven Fabric (NWF) adhesive tape supported on both sides with a repulpable blue adhesive, which makes easy to identify the joint. The tape was protected with a liner easily removed.

It is formulated to ensure good behavior on different joints. It is particularly suitable for operations of flying splices that are made during the printing of newspapers, magazines and others.

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CARRIERCellulose fiber tissue
LINERWhite siliconized paper
ADHESIVEWater soluble acrylic
TOTAL THICKNESS100 ym (AFERA 4006-ED.9/79)
ADHESION TO STEEL500 cN/cm (AFERA 4001-ED.10/87)
TACK1 cm (PSTC 6 - ED.86)
HEAT RESISTANCE200 C (BT internal method PS-QUA-14)

For flying splices at high speed on off-line coaters and on heatset web offset presses. For any kind of paper from light to heavy weight. Suggested for paper grades manufactured by neutral papermaking process.
The tape can be stored for maximum 8 months from the date of production in dry conditions and in its original packaging. The material should be protected from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Once removed from its original packaging, the tape should be protected from dust and other impurities. Keep the rolls in horizontal position.

Double sided NWF or polyester support

Double-sided tape for splicing