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Krafft paper tape Ref. 6020

Anti slip tapes
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Polyethylene tapes

Polyethylene tapes, in spite of their flexibility, are very resistant to traction.

Because of its composition without plasticizers, it is age and elements resistant.

Stick strongly on any metallic or plastic surface. High adherence in the joint areas, getting an excellent insulation.

Among the most common applications are the galvanic isolation between metals, embedded half-polyurethane rods, wrap the pipe insulation and protection of the mechanical reinforcement of anti-corrosion protection.



Double sided tapes for general use

EPR self amalgamating

Polyurethane tapes

Cloth tapes

Reinforced tape

Washi Paper - masking 180

Blue Sky masking 150 -

Film fiberfilm (automatic or manual)

Acrylic foam VHB

Plastic cloth tapes


Reversible tape

Polyamide tape (Kapton)