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Insulation tapes

Insulation tape is a kind of adhesive tape used to insulate electric wire and cable joints. It has limited life because it gets harder with aging and heat. It is made of PVC due to the insulation properties that provides.

Main characteristics are::

Excellent electric properties.
Good abrasion resistance.
Excellent micro bacteriologic attack resistance.
Low and high temperature resistance.
Good adhesive properties over difficult surfaces.
Wide color range.

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PVC Electrical Adhesive Tape

Scapa 2702 is a 0.13mm premium quality, electrical self-extinguishing soft PVC tape which uses an aggressive pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive system. It has been designed for use where a recognised specification or international standard is required and where environmental safety is a concern.

  • Primary electrical insulation
  • Harnessing
  • Protection for low and medium voltage cable splices
  • Colour coding

  • Good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and moisture
  • High dielectric strength and good mechanical protection
  • Outstanding conformability
  • Approved by IMQ, VDE, ÍVE
  • Conforms to BS3924
  • Conforms to European Directive 2000/53 EC (lead, chromium VI, mercury, cadmium free)
  • Service temperature 0 oC to +90 oC

  Unit Nominal Value Test Method
Thickness mm 0,13 CEI EN 60454
Tensile Strength N/cm 25 CEI EN 60454
Elongation at Break % 180 CEI EN 60454
Adhesion to Steel N/cm 1.8 CEI EN 60454
Adhesion to Backing N/cm 1.8 CEI EN 60454
Dielectric Strength KV/mm 40 CEI EN 60454
Temperature index ║C 0║ - +90║ CEI EN 60454
Flammability --- Self extinguishing CEI EN 60454

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