Technical adhesives Atyt

Flexographic printing tape. 0,38 mm. Medium density

Reversible tape
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Reinforced tape

Polypropylene tapes with fiberglass filaments that provide a very high traction resistance, low o very low elongation, high cohesive strength and high thickness. There are two kind of reinforced tapes, longitudinal reinforced and transversal reinforced.

Used to close boxes, strapping and reinforcing of pallets and clamping accessories, among other applications.



Double sided tapes for general use

EPR self amalgamating

Polyurethane tapes

Polyethylene tapes

Cloth tapes

Washi Paper - masking 180

Blue Sky masking 150 -

Film fiberfilm (automatic or manual)

Acrylic foam VHB

Plastic cloth tapes


Reversible tape

Polyamide tape (Kapton)