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The freight traffic is increasing and so is the need for safety during transport. We offer a range of adhesive tapes that help to ensure effective protection throughout the supply chain, are designed to protect the valuable contents of the packets between the sender and the recipient as to detect if the packaging has been opened. Build transparency, security and reliability.

The support is a polyester film and acrylic adhesive is. Leaves no residue. Its application is simple and effective.

The tape provides tamperproof seal cardboard boxes of any size. The printer is ideal to ensure the goods on pallets with shrink film.

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Tipo Prodotto: Nastro adesivo in POLIESTERE
Adesivo acrilico
Nastro “ ecologico ” privo di solventi nocivi
Dati Tecnici : Spessore supporto : 23 my ± 3 %
Spessore totale : 42 my ± 6 %
Adesività su acciaio: N.A.
Carico di rottura : >= 4,7 Kg /cm
Allungamento longitudinale : <= 140 %
Applicazioni consigliate : Nastro anti-infrazione indicato per scoprire eventuali manomissioni dell’imballo , poiché in caso di rimozione del nastro applicato, rimangono tracce evidenti sulla superficie della quale è stato rimosso


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