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Print 300 differential

Photoluminescent tape
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Polyurethane adhesive product, in different shape and thickness, in sheets or rolls. Withstand temperatures between -35 C and + 90 C. Avalaible in clear and black.

Different applications as quiet, cushion and protect whatever you need. The product reduces noise, vibration and prevent scratches. It cushions, provides spacing, stability and skid-resistance.



Double sided tapes for general use

EPR self amalgamating

Polyurethane tapes

Polyethylene tapes

Cloth tapes

Reinforced tape

Washi Paper - masking 180

Blue Sky masking 150 -

Film fiberfilm (automatic or manual)

Acrylic foam VHB

Plastic cloth tapes

Reversible tape

Polyamide tape (Kapton)