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New products:

To provide better adhesive solutions, ATyT has added the following products to its offer:


Polyurethane adhesive product, in different shape and thickness, in sheets or rolls. Withstand temperatures between -35 C and + 90 C. Avalaible in clear and black.

Different applications as quiet, cushion and protect whatever you need. The product reduces noise, vibration and prevent scratches. It cushions, provides spacing, stability and skid-resistance. [ View product ]

Reversible tape (counter type ref. 4973)

Extremely thin polyester film, with double-sided adhesive. Resistant to light, solvents and chemicals. Excellent resistance to temperature. Low adhesion, easy removed without leaving adhesive mass. It is supplied in 25 m x 19 mm.

Used for assembly lithographic films, reversible fastening and film mounting when space is limited.

It is the perfect counter type to Tesa 4973, which is no longer distributed. With an excellent price. [ View product ]

Temporary road marking tape. Ref. BLE 150 YELLOW. TYP I P5

Temporary road marking tape, designed based on 25 years of applied research and extensive field testing. Meets requirements for traffic category TYP I P5 and BAST Certification.

Easy and quick installation. High resistance to the heaviest traffic and inclement weather conditions. [ View product ]

Polyamide tape (Kapton)

Polyamide film support with pressure sensible silicone adhesive.
Easy to cut and seal, without scraping or scratching the surface.

It is used for electronic protection to heat and moisture of any component, such as circuit boards of computers, electronic transformers, electric relays, switches, etc.

The length of the product is 33 meters; we provide in the requested width. [ View product ]

Silicone PET tape

Adhesive tape with polyester film support and silicone adhesive. Excellent dielectric insulation properties. Resistant to high temperatures and solvents.

Available in three colors: red (Ref. 981), green (Ref. 982) and blue (Ref. 983).

Widely used for electrical insulation in motors, transformers and coils. Also in all applications where a temporal resistant protection is required. [ View product ]

Adhesive led strip

Led strips with extra-high adhesive; it adheres strongly to any surface. It is a suitable product for indoor and outdoor use. Available in single or RGB colors.

They are assembled in parallel sets of 3 leds, so directly to 12VDC. Its consumption is between 200 and 600 mA per meter, depending on the lengths and strip models used.

The strips for interior use could be cut every 5 cm the simple color and 10 cm RGB. It is not recommended to use outdoor without first applying a sealant into the cut area. [ View product ]