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About Us
Adhesivos Técnicos y Troquelados is a company designed to provide expert advice and an specialized services in technical adhesives, whatever your activity.

We have a wide range of products, which we regularly incorporate new features.

We help you to find the product you need, our advice team can move and analyze in situ, together with your technicians, your bonding needs.

We always offer the best value-price, as we collaborate with leading manufacturers of tape adhesives and can offer competitive prices.

Our processing capacity allows us to offer a fully customized product, we can cut quickly any of our references to the width and the lengths you need.

We can also deliver the product on a rewind core tailored for you, with your logo, web page, image, brand or whatever you want. We can also use the fully finished product in customized blister or shrink to facilitate their subsequent marketing.

Our clients are present In all industrial sectors such as wind power, ventilation, hot and cold air, construction, textile, furniture manufacturers, shoe industry, chemical industry, railways, shipyards, sport, stand fitters for fairs, automobile factories, auxiliary automotive industry, decoration, etc. In short, where you need a tape, you meet Adhesivos Técnicos y Troquelados and its commitment to service with an effective solution.