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Cintes de doble cara per a entroncaments

Suport de teixit no teixit cobert per ambdues cares amb un adhesiu acrílic modificat. Es presenta amb liner carbassa de paper. Oferim totes les amplades i metratges.

Per entroncaments de tot tipus, amb un bon comportament i resistent a altes temperatures en un rang comprès entre els -20 i els +180ºC.

Apropiat per material porós, escumes impregnades, PE cel•lular, cautxú cel•lular, PVC lleuger i feltre laminat.

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General introduction:
  • is an assembling system consisting of a thin carrier (paper, non woven, film or others), coated on both sides with a uniform layer of adhesive.
  • The adhesives used are pressure-sensitive acrylic polymer or synthetic rubber based formulations.
  • Is produced in roll or sheet format with a single or double release liner, so that the product chosen best suits the customer’s needs.
Product description:
  • Consists of a non woven carrier coated on both sides with a modified acrylic adhesive.
  • Is produced in self wound format on a White PE coated paper liner.
Typical application:
  • Good resistance to temperature, appropriate for open pore material, impregnated foam, cellular PE, cellular rubber, soft PVC and felt fabric lamination.

Adhesion with Substrates
Metal / Aluminium High Textile / Cotton High
Glass / Ceramics High Rubber / EPDM High
Painted Surface High Acrylic / PET High
Wood / Board / Paper High Polystyrene High
Soft PVC Medium PP / PE / PS High
Rigid PVC High Smooth substrate High
PC / ABS High Rouge substrate High

  • Low resistance to water, plasticizers and alcohol, and low outdoor resistance. Not recommended for use in contact with aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons. For further technical advice, please consult with ATYT.
Shelf life:
  • 2 years when stored at 15/25º C and 50% relative humidity.

Adhesive Data   Typical values Test Method
Quick Tack (N/25mm) on stainless steel 21 FTM 9
Peel 180º- (N/25mm) on
stainless steel
- after 20 minutes
- after 24 hours
>FTM 1
Shear on stainless steel 1Kg-25mm x 25mm (hours) > 150 FTM 8
Minimum application temperature -5ºC  
End-use temperature range -10º C to + 80º C  
Short term resistance + 115º C S.A.F.T. 500grs

For temperatures outside those quoted above, please consult with ATYT

Release liner Silicone white PE coated paper of 120gr/sqm ISO 536
Thickness (carrier + adhesive) 90my ISO 534

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Cintes de doble cara amb suport de T.N.T. o polièster